Our Food

Our commitment

The Sheridan Story is committed to using only nutritious food that retains dignity for our kids and families.

We do not use back-of-the-truck, leftover food items that no one wants. Instead, kids and families are provided food that is high-quality, not near expiring, and isn’t “weird”.

Dietitians/nutritionists through Allina Health and Saint Paul Public Schools were consulted to select healthy items for our food bags. Our bags are guided by the USDA My Plate structure. The children and families we serve receive fruits, vegetables, proteins, grain bases (rice, pasta, oatmeal), and soups/entrées.

Our commitment to the type of food we provide increases the cost of food for our program as low-quality food is less expensive. However, we are persistent in our practice of providing high-quality food to our kids and families.


Our commitment to the type of food we provide also requires we invest time and funds into sourcing food. Each of our bags contains 4-5 pounds of nutritious food. Almost all of our food is purchased in bulk from reputable food banks, wholesalers, and manufacturers. We source our food from the best vendors we can find – they range in location from Texas, California, Wisconsin, and right here in Minnesota.

Food drive food is also an important part of our food sourcing. Food drives are often tailored to our most-needed items such as fruits and vegetables. All food we receive is sorted thoroughly by our specific criterion before used in our bags.

Weekend Food Program
Our Food