Donor Information Security

Effective: 12/19/15


The Sheridan Story is committed to protecting the financial information, as well as other information that may reasonably be considered personal information, including name and contact information, of donors, visitors to the website of The Sheridan Story (Website), and other individuals and organizations that provide personal information to The Sheridan Story.

Ensuring a donor’s privacy is vital to the mutual trust between The Sheridan Story and its donors.  Securing donor financial information helps build trust by protecting financial information systems and donor financial transactions.

Toward that standard, The Sheridan Story is committed to providing a secure environment for collecting donations and maintaining internal controls governing the safekeeping of all confidential donor financial and personal information.


The board of directors of The Sheridan Story has responsibility for oversight of the donor information security practices of The Sheridan Story.

Specifically, the board will regularly review and revise this DONOR INFORMATION SECURITY POLICY and the related Privacy Policy (described below), and assure that The Sheridan Story has developed and implemented best practices regarding donor information.  This includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Disclosure of what credit card data is retained by The Sheridan Story.
  2. Donor communications regarding The Sheridan Story (or a third party conducting the transaction) use of secure technology to accept online credit card donations.
  3. Controls placed over physical access to electronically stored credit card information and files.
  4. Donor communications regarding The Sheridan Story inability to guarantee that the credit card data will be secure, and that The Sheridan Story is not liable for information donor shares with others.


The Sheridan Story will communicate its donor information security practices in a Privacy Policy posted on the website (Website), which is owned and operated by The Sheridan Story.  All changes to this DONOR INFORMATION SECURITY POLICY will be reflected in timely updates to the Privacy Policy posted on the Website.